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A unique multimedia performance that ‘gives a voice’ to people living with dementia by setting their speech to music. A national tour including performances, talks and schools and communities projects. Musicians from the RLPO, actors and presenters  create a deeply moving and unforgettable performance that will change your perceptions of dementia for ever. 

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Giving a voice to Dementia through a ‘HIDDEN VOICE’      

Acclaimed Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra & composer John McHugh's ‘Hidden Voice’ begins a unique UK tour with two landmark multimedia pieces based on the power of speech.

Musicians from the award-winning Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and acclaimed composer John McHugh begin their highly commended and unique Hidden Voice national tour alongside legendary American composer Steve Reich’s 1988 masterpiece ‘Different Trains’.

'Hidden Voice' captures the individual stories of people living with dementia and uses the melodies and rhythms in their speech to create a beautiful and emotional musical experience. As John McHugh explained: “Live musicians, film and audio will take the audience into the innermost thoughts of the people on the screen to raise awareness about one of the most misunderstood conditions of our time.

“The aim of the piece is to 'give a voice' to people living with dementia by setting their speech patterns to music similar to how Reich sets the speech of Holocaust survivors in Different Trains.’’ adds McHugh. “The effect is incredibly emotional. There’s something about setting speech patterns to music that raises the everyday speech to a poetic and profound level. The words take on a singing quality that speaks directly to the audience.”

The testimonies collected during the film sessions were edited and then used as the themes for the music. The 35 minute finished piece was divided into 5 sections with titles such as, “Bessie Was A Weaver”, “She’s No Longer My Mum” and “A Different World”.

The piece has received support from people in both the artistic and medical worlds with the UK's NHS Clinical Director for Dementia, Professor Alistair Burns referring to it as “a unique relationship between music and dementia”.

Hidden Voice is touring the rest of the UK throughout the autumn. see dates below

A unique relationship between music and dementia. Deeply moving and thought provoking

- Professor Alistair Burns - NHS Clinical Director for Dementia

> Tuesday 13th March  2018

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                                                            > Friday 13th  April 2018

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